What Makes Us Different?

Featured / Sunday, October 30th, 2011

We realize that you have many good dentists to choose from in the Naperville, IL area.  There are many doctors in several different specialties who have the training and expertise to produce good cosmetic surgical results.

So, what makes us different? A fair question!

  • Our practice is devoted exclusively to making you smile.
  • Prevention is as strong a motto as making you smile.
  • We produce natural results that make you look better, not different.
  • Our team assures that you will get the treatment you need to keep you looking and feeling the way you would like to. No overselling you.
  • We know that you, our patient, are our only reason for existence.
  • Making you happy gives meaning and joy to our daily work· More than 70% of our patients come from patient referrals or are returning patients – this vote of confidence does speak for our good work.· We aggressively pursue continuing dental education to investigate the newest and latest procedures.
  • Dr. Chris Hudetz and Dr. Patricia Hudetz and their staff will always take the time to explain recommended procedures and projected fees before treatment is begun. Whatever concerns you may have will be addressed in an unhurried manner with thoughtfulness and patience.
  • This office is comfortable and relaxing, and the caring staff does their utmost to put even the most anxious or frightened patient at ease.
  • We have the experience, wisdom, and caring that come with over 30 years of practicing.
  • We have an impeccable record of patient satisfaction.
  • Our fair prices and flexible payment plans are liked by every one.