Welcome Patients

At English Rows Dental Group, our patients mean the world to us so we do everything to make sure we’re giving them the best and most appropriate care available.  We always discuss in detail what is being done and make sure, through digital cameras and radiography, that the patient understands completely what it is we’re doing and why.  We build long term relationships with everyone who comes to our office and strive to maintain those relationships for years to come!

We have had the great privilege of knowing generations of families and treating them as we would like to be treated ourselves.   Our goal is to work with you and get your dental condition stabilized and then maintained through regular exams and dental cleanings.  It is very satisfying to be able to tell someone that their mouth is in such good condition that their exams become uneventful.  It happens over time with all our faithful patients who get in the healthy routine of showing up every 6 months.

Office Visits

We are committed to ensuring that each patient visit is focused on your comfort, your happiness, and your health.  As such, we are committed to making each visit as pleasurable as possible and focusing on improving your dental health.  Our friendly staff is always ready to work with you and explain each procedure that is to take place to put you at ease, thus making each visit a satisfying experience.

Dental FAQ

We know that most people have questions and looking to be more comfortable in their dental health and care.  Our Dental FAQ section is full of various questions that are commonly asked to our staff.  Plus our site provides an enormous amount of additional information related to most common procedures and even some uncommon ones that people are not typically aware of such as the All-On-4 Implant Supported Prosthesis that can be a permanent replacement solution for those that currently wear dentures or may be needing dentures in the future.

You may also want to view our pages regarding Pediatric Dental FAQ’s and Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ’s for more specific information for those two specialized areas of dentistry.

Patient Comfort

We welcome you to this gentle routine that gives great peace of mind.   No one likes dental surprises of pain and discomfort that seems to happen on vacation or at other inconvenient times.  Your dental needs can become very controlled and we will work hard to help you attain that control over your own oral health.

CariFree Products

As part of our dedication to ensuring good oral health, we have partnered with the company CariFree which are designed to help you prevent tooth decay.  As part of this partnership, a special discount code is available for everyone to save on the product cost.

Financial Information

English Rows Dental Group is committed to our patients and not the insurance companies.  We accept most out-of-network plans and our financial coordinator can help to develop a payment arrangement plan if needed.  We also have Care Credit available for patients that require additional financial support to be able to meet their dental and medical needs.