Patient Comfort

At English Rows Dental Group your comfort during treatment is as important to us as it is to you. We use state-of-the-art instruments and techniques to treat you efficiently, accurately, and painlessly.

Our office is equipped with a wide variety of amenities to make your visit stress-free

  • For patients with high levels of anxiety we do offer Nitrous Oxide to help calm and relax the patient so that we can give them the treatment that they need.
  • We have incorporated the STA system, also known as “The Wand”, to make the process of anesthetizing teeth simple and comfortable.  This system, in most circumstances, will allow us to “numb” a  tooth without any discomfort and without affecting any of the surrounding tissue.  This  makes the procedure more comfortable and the post appointment discomfort due to the anesthetic is practically eliminated.
  • To eliminate the fear of the unknown, we have the CAESY system, an interactive patient-education DVD based program. Recommended dental therapy is visually described with computer-generated images with easy-to-understand voice-overs. We use this system so that when you have any questions, CAESY can answer them to your complete satisfaction.
  • Another cause of anxiety is the unknown surrounding why certain procedures are diagnosed.  We incorporate digital intra-oral cameras  and digital x-ray systems that allow us to show and explain the reasons behind the treatment we are recommending.  Our office doesn’t like surprises any more than the patient does.