White (tooth-colored) Fillings

Until recently you had no choice about the color of your fillings.  Now you can have old silver or gold fillings replaced with nearly invisible resin restorations and get a whiter smile in one visit.   These fillings are bonded to the teeth and will not dissolve or dehydrate.

At English Rows Dental Group, whenever possible, our first choice is to use the tooth colored restorations even though these are a technically more difficult restoration to perform.  This is not only because of the superior aesthetics you get when matching the shade of the teeth, but also because these fillings generally require the dentist to remove less tooth structure than the traditional amalgam, or silver, fillings.  This results in a healthier result and one that looks great!

These resin based restorations can be placed in one visit and can be used to simply repair a cavity, or completely change the shape and color of a tooth.