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Dental Cleaning

Proper professional dental cleanings are recommended at least every six months to promote excellent oral hygiene care and prevent plaque growth and development. When plaque starts to build up, tooth decay and gum diseases can develop. During dental cleanings, dental hygienists remove plaque as well as polish your teeth, potentially the hygienist may take diagnostic images. The doctor will examine your teeth and gums and review any images. With the aid of the dentist’s diagnosis, additional cleanings or other treatments may be suggested.

Regular dental cleanings and visit not only build good dental habits but can help improve not only your oral health but your overall health. Research has proven proper dental hygiene can reduce your risks for heart disease, strokes, and even some cancers. English Rows Dental Group is here to not only maintain or restore your smile but to prioritize your overall health.

The type and frequency of teeth cleaning and dental care you need depends on your dentist’s diagnosis.

Dental Cleaning - Healthy Beautiful Smile

Here are some common types of dental cleaning services we provide:

Patients who just need to have their teeth cleaned above the gum line to remove plaque, calculus and surface stains receive a prophylaxis teeth cleaning – the most common type of dental cleaning. This type of treatment does not address periodontal (gum) conditions.

Patients diagnosed with gingivitis, a reversible form of gum disease where the gums may bleed, may need additional services to remove plaque build-up on the teeth and just below the gum line.

Patients diagnosed with active periodontal (gum) disease require treatment above and below the gum line to treat the infection. These patients typically receive Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) or a “Deep Cleaning”, a non-surgical treatment that removes bacteria and smooths out exposed root surfaces.

Periodontal disease is a systemic disease like diabetes that requires careful monitoring. Our dentist may prescribe a periodontal maintenance routine to provide dental cleanings above and below the gum line to help manage the disease and keep it from becoming worse.

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